Dist 15 Winter Meeting

February 12, 2007

Wadena Inn & Grill, Wadena MN


Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by District President, Joe Bergquist


Roll Call showing the following associations present: Alexandria, Benson, Brainerd, CIA, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Little Falls, Moorhead, Morris, Park Rapids, Central Lakes, Sauk Centre, Wadena

David Stigen, Dennis Bushy, Mark Magnuson, Howard Breitkruetz, Joe Bergquist, Debbi Girtz Holthaus, Juanita Staples


Approval of Minutes:  Little Falls motion to approve minutes of Fall 2006 meeting, Park Rapids seconded.  Motion carried to approve minutes of Fall 2006 meeting.


Dick Gustafuson spoke about the Advanced 15, players born 1992, $70/player, 4 hours ice time, seeding games at Thief River Falls April 13 & 14 (2 games) & Mpls (3 games), 105 teams will go to St Cloud in June to get down to 21 players.


Sauk Centre will continue to host the PWB2 even though their team will be playing in the PWB1.


Reviewed the pay scale for refs, see Fall 2006 meeting

Agenda item to be reviewed at the Fall 2007 meeting


Brainerd presented new bracket for the Double Elimination.  Motion by Moorhead to adopt the new double elimination bracket for Bantam A and Pee Wee A, second by Little Falls, motion carries on roll call vote.  Change the brackets for Bantam A and Pee Wee A double elimination.


Discussion was held on the B2 Regional host birth, fair or not.  With brackets for the district play already all set motion by Morris to leave as is and discuss at the fall meeting, Brainerd second, motion carries.

Agenda item for Fall 2007 meeting host birth into Regional B2 or not


Tournaments (invitational) Paul Watzke was not present but invitational tournaments went well.

Benson was upset because the 14UA Regional was taken away.  Dave Stigen stated he didn’t get notification out in time.


Program sales will go to Alexandria and Little Falls next year


Jr Gold Scholarships $1000 go to the MN website for more information


Treasurers Report presented by Debbie Girtz Holthaus, Little Falls (attached) Balance $10,481.57  motion by Park Rapids to approve, second by Sauk Centre, motion carries.


President Bergquist looking for volunteers to work on Budget and Bylaws, no volunteers stepped forward.


District Officials – Howard Breitkruetz wants to know if there is a need for officials for district tournaments, let him know.  There is currently a match penalty on a District 15 coach.  Also a player from out of state shoved a ref and was given a match penalty, ND will handle.

Agenda item for Fall 2007 meeting need to set up a 3 man grievance committee (District Director and two others)


Coaches – Dennis Bushy  Check and make sure your coaches have their cards.  Hal Tearse sent out two videos check them over.  MN Hockey wants to control the number of games and is looking for feedback.


Girls  - Mark Magnuson taking care of the girls tournaments


March 15 is the Bantam A State tournament dinner – Alexandria is hosting


Motion by Moorhead to close meeting, second by Park Rapids, motion carried


Respectfully submitted

Juanita Staples

District 15 Secretary