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Reducing the 'guesswork' of officiating
It's not uncommon for a hockey player, coach or fan to leave the rink after a game with a referee's call still on their mind, still hung up in disagreement and contempt. And according to Scott Zelkin and Matt Leaf, no call is the root of more dissatisfaction than what Leaf describes as the "false alarm," a penalty that simply never took place. READ MORE »
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Are these the right calls?
June 1, 2017
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Training the officiating brain
If The Hockey IntelliGym sounds like the combination of the words "intelligence and gym" it's because it is. There's no need to overthink how the cognitive engineering company's name is constructed, though that might be the only simple thing about its operation. READ MORE »
New Rulebook app available for download!
Use your cellphone off the ice to make the right call while you're on the ice! The USA Hockey Mobile Rulebook is the digital version of the current USA Hockey Rulebook. Gain immediate access to rules, descriptions, casebook examples, videos and more. READ MORE »
Online seminar curriculum
All USA Hockey-registered officials must complete online curriculum as part of their registration process. This curriculum is specific to officials' level of officiating and is designed to be completed at the official's leisure. There are three primary sections of the online curriculum. READ MORE »
Quote of the week
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"[The Hockey IntelliGym] put them in a better position to see what they need to see. When they were in the better position, they didn't guess as often."
— Matt Leaf —
Director, Officiating Education Program
USA Hockey
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